Awards are part of the institution where it motivates the students and help them to perform and give their best. We have a culture of rewarding the students in different categorizes and below are the few

  •  Star Certificate will be awarded to students who secure above 60% in each subject in the term examinations.
    • 70%-79% Bronze certificate, 80%-89% Silver certificate, 90% and above in Value Education.

  •  Certificate for 100% attendance.

  •  Weekly Quiz Championship.

  •  Proficiency Award for Academics

  •  Individual Champions- Sports & Cultural

  •  Proficiency Award for Co- curricular activities.

  •  Proficiency Award for the Outstanding students of the year

  •  Best Speaker & Best Actor Award.

  •  Best Dancer Award.

  •  Good chit Student of the month.

  •  Good chit class.

  •  Baby Prince & Baby Princess.

  •  Cleanest class of the Month, etc.…