Our Vision

As adorers:

  •  We strive to work for the total and integral development of all, by promoting, preserving and protecting life at all levels.

  •  We carry in our hearts the flavour of "new wine" the newness of hope, the wine of celebration, of fraternity, of justice and dignity that all may experience the fullness of life, of which Christ's Blood is a sign and pledge.

  •  We resolve to work together as a team to create sensitivity and reverence towards the whole cosmos.

  •  We travel the new roads of reconciliation, solidarity and excellence; thus, our institution will be a place where harmony, co-operation and wholeness exist.

  • Our Mission Statement

    We strive to help every student to realize his/ her potentials and develop into a mature and worthy individual by:

  •  Believing that all those who enter into our institution are God's special gift, a spark of god's image and likeness.

  •  Providing congenial, friendly, reassuring and conducive atmosphere so as toenable the child "to live, to love, to learn and to imbibe a legacy".

  •  Providing value based, meaningful and productive learning that aims at emotional maturity and integral personality,

  •  Untiringly promote in students a sense of neighborhood so that they appreciate the role of the school, as a vital community center and foster in them a concern for all, particularly the less privileged.

  •  Inculcating a sense of admiration to safeguard nature, hence not to exploit it, but to uphold it.