•  Pre Nursery : 2 years

  •  Nursery : 2 years 10 months

  •  LKG : 3 years 10 months

  •  UKG : 4 years 10 months

  •  Class I : 5 years 10 months

  • At St Maria De Mattias School, we work towards exploring the innate potential of each child believing each child to be unique. Our school has adopted a balanced daily program that meets the needs of pre-primary children.

    It comprises three levels of education:

    Nursery, LKG and UKG in the age group of three to six years.

    Medium of Instruction: English

    The curriculum is planned comprehensively so that it enhances learning, facilitates thinking and helps in developing clear communicative and cognitive languages


    Our motive is to make our students , feel that their classroom is a home away from home. After a comfortable settling period, we gradually lead them into a world of exciting learning through hands on activities. Our curriculum involves learning

    English: Identification of A-Z through phonics

    Numbers: Numbers – 1 to 10

    Art & Craft: Specially designed activities to kindle imagination


    English: Recap of A-Z, introduction of lower case, cursive writing, phonics of simple words, Numbers: Pre-number skills, number fun- 1 to 20, number names, Environmental Awareness: first step in to exploring the world around me through environmental education, Art & Craft and a continuous boost to their creative skills through our art and craft activities


    English: Word building, framing sentences, vocabulary building Number Work: Number fun 1-100,number names, the concept of dimension, quantities, addition and subtraction. Environmental Awareness: Exploring the world through environmental studies, ART & CRAFT: Hands on art and craft activities to feed their exploring minds